Holograms Protecting Disabled Parking Spots in Russia

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In Russia, drivers don’t really care much about the parking spaces designed for the disabled. As a matter of fact, it has become a huge problem that one non-profit organization made a move to stop these incidents from happening again.

Russian organization Dislife, revealed that there are more than 30% of the driving population in the country illegally park their vehicles on spots for the disabled. Though these spaces are painted with bright colors to make it visible enough, it doesn’t seem enough to remind the drivers to vacate them for those who need them the most. For this reason, the group decided to put disabled individuals on the spot permanently.



To make this possible, the group mounted sensors near the parking spaces. These sensors are programmed to recognize the presence of a state-issued disable parking permit. Whenever someone attempts to slide their car in and no permit is detected, a hidden projector shows a speaking image of a real disabled person onto a thin layer of water mist, making him appear as if he popped out of nowhere.

When the hologram springs to life, it shames the person for trying to illegally park in a special disabled space. It also prompts them to look for another place and leave with their vehicle.



In the video below, the hologram dramatically and effectively grabs the driver’s attention. And obviously, it seems to serve its purpose perfectly.



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