Homeless Man Chose to Continue Living in a Tent After Winning $50,000 Lotto

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If you win the lottery, what will you do with all the money? Are you going to buy luxurious things? Are you going to build a new home? Are you going to go on a vacation abroad? Or are you going to do something good with it like donating it to charity? Whatever your decision is, we just hope it’s something that could benefit others, like what this homeless man did with his winnings.

Dennis Mahurin, a homeless man from Bloomington, Illinois, won $50,000 on the lottery. But instead of getting himself a warm and cozy home, he decided to continue living in a tent so that he can use his instant fortune to help his friends.

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Since 1978, Mahurin has been living rough. So when he won the jackpot because of the $3 scratch card he purchased at a gasoline station, he couldn’t believe his luck.


Despite winning $50,000, the 59-year-old said he would still live in the tent that sheltered him for 20 years because he wanted to give other homeless individuals he knew at least $100 each. “All the other homeless people round here. I’ve already made up my mind, I’m gonna give them each $100,” he explained.

Mahurin also understood that others might think that his decision to stay in his tent was strange, but he just said, “I’m living in a tent. Happy as can be. It’s in my nature.

Nevertheless, he still has other plans in life. Soon, he wants to visit his son, go to the dentist, open a savings account, and get a new tent for himself.


Mahurin clearly remembers the time he discovered he won. “I scratched it off right here in my tent. I took it to the gas station. I thought it was a thousand dollars. She said, ‘Nope.’ I said, ‘Oh I messed up, didn’t I?’ She says, ‘No, it’s fifty thousand.’ And I almost fell over,” he said.


But because of taxes, Mahurin will only receive $35,000.


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