Hospital Worker Makes Pact

Hospital Worker Makes Pact with Dying Child as She Is Rushed to the Hospital

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Life’s miracles come in a lot of forms. Sometimes, it comes in the form of a deal.

Hospital Worker Makes Pact with Critically Ill Baby as She Is Rushed to ER

Born two months early, Baby Addy was smaller than any other newborn. She was also so sick that doctors already had to tell her parents that they doubt she’d survive. Holding onto the last strings of hope they had, Addy’s parents followed the doctors’ advice to move the baby to a different hospital.

The problem is the hospital, Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora, is 60 miles away from where they live. And long travels posed a health risk. Taking the baby to the Aurora in a helicopter was the best option, but none of them were available for use that day, so Addy’s parents and the staff were left with no other choice but to use an ambulance.

Addy would have to take an hour-long ride.

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Miracle Baby

Accompanying Baby Addy was respiratory therapist Zach Quinby. To keep the child alive, he tried to get her on a ventilator, but he noticed that she would get worse every time he put her on the machine.

Baby Addy was racing against time. But it was a battle she fought with Quinby by her side. Realizing the machine wasn’t of much help, Zach Quinby decided to hand-bag Addy, manually pumping air into the child’s lungs. His partner noticed that the baby’s condition improved when he started to. The therapist found hope in the method and continued “hand-bagging” Addy until they reached the hospital.

Recalling that day, Zach Quinby said, “We were driving back on I-25, in rush-hour traffic, and there I was, breathing for this baby. And I made a deal with her back in that ambulance and said, ‘You know, I’m not going to quit until you quit.’ And I’m really thrilled with how she has kept up her end of the deal.”

Now Addy is doing way better. Dubbed a “miracle baby,” she recently celebrated her first birthday, and present at the party was the man who helped save her life.

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