Amazing Act of Kindness for Strangers

10 Police Officer’s Amazing Acts of Kindness for Strangers


There are some people who go out of their way in order to help someone in need. These people are the unheard of everyday heroes. These people come in all walks of life. They may be a clerk, a teacher, a soldier, a cop, a student or anyone.

The public may not always appreciate what they do especially nowadays but cops still continue to do their job. Here are some pictures and videos of cops who showed the inspiring side of their office. These officers showed that they are willing to go above and beyond their call of duty to make their communities better.
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1. A police chief stage a fake arrest to help a guy propose to his girlfriend.

2. Covington Police Department helps a five-year-old boy with spinal muscular atrophy type II reach his dream of becoming a police officer.

Police Officer

Five-year-old Morgan Steward with his heroes. Morgan was sworn in as an honorary officer in the department.

3. Penn. patrolman Nick Ague carried an injured German Shepard to safety.

Nick Ague

The dog flee from her owner’s car after the accident. Luckily for the dog, an officer saw him and quickly brought him to safety.

4. Local police helps a drunk man to get to his home safely.

Local Police

The note left by the local police after helping David get to his home safely.

5. 4 officers help pay the taxi fare for a man who walked for 30 miles in subzero temperature.

4 Officers

Officer Andy Blimline is one of the officers who pooled their money to help a man pay for a taxi.

6. New Jersey Cop saves a choking boy’s life with a roadside Heimlich maneuver. 

7. Officer Ariel Soltura took his time to played football with a boy.

8. A meter maid responded with kindness to a driver’s plea for mercy.

Meter Maid

A traffic police showed understanding to a driver who parked illegally because she feared she was too drunk to drive.

9. A cop rescued a young girl’s teddy bear in the middle of a busy road.

10. An officer caught giving a homeless man a pair of boots.

Office Generosity

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