11 Santa Stories That Reflect the True Meaning of Christmas Spirit


Our childhood Christmas hero will always be Santa Claus. Remember how we left that glass of milk and cookies for him to snack on at night? The guy does deserve some snacks while delivering all those presents, right? A lot of us also got to meet him in the flesh too. When we sat on his lap and told him about our Christmas wishes, which we all hoped he would fulfill even if we were a little bad?

But some Santas go beyond materialistic gift giving. They choose to show us that the Christmas spirit is all about selflessness and love.

Prepare to meet some of them below.

The Santa Claus for All Kids

When we visit Santa, we often memorize the gifts we wanna get by heart. But for children suffering from hearing loss, it is difficult to talk to him. For Santa Claus who visits MacArthur Center Mall in Norfolk, VA, he happens to have learned sign language to communicate with them.

A Little Boy Who Was More Than Happy to Give Up His Gift

A selfless request from a child is an incredibly rare yet heartwarming sight. So when a request from a little boy named Ryan came out, it was sure to inspire us to teach our kids to do the same.

But this wasn’t the first time he did an act of kindness. His mother says, “This letter came from the same boy who, when he watches commercials about kids with cancer, he asks for ways to collect money for cancer research. He is also the boy who, after saving his allowance for a while to buy a toy he really wanted, 2 weeks later taking that toy and volunteering to sell it at a yard sale when he realized the reason for the yard sale was to raise money to buy school supplies for the children in our local homeless shelter.”

Santa May Come in All Shapes and Sizes

The guy you pick to play Santa could perfectly fit the bill with the help of a costume, but it’s his heart that we need most especially in the presence of innocent children.



Santa Can Even Walk into Your Favorite Cafe

An onlooker observed a conversation between an older man and little boy who mistook him for Santa Claus.

“The older gent looked down and smiled and asked him if he sent his letter into him yet? The boy said no, and he would be doing it tonight.

He said you better be nice to your mom and sister because I’m watching. He then said good-bye and was going back to the North Pole to finish the toys with the elves.”

It sure did leave the everyone teary-eyed.

The Day Santa Decided to Have His Sleigh Repaired

The visitors of Kwik-Fit, a car repair shop in the United Kingdom, got the surprise of their lives when none other than Santa Claus came to have his sleigh repaired. He was even caught reading a map, trying to figure out where good girls and boys are living so he could visit them on Christmas eve. But what was even more shocking to every child who visited the shop that day was that Santa knew all their names by heart!

Santa (and Reddit) Found the True Meaning of Christmas

In the contest of best wishlist, this little boy seems to be getting it right.

A user from Reddit posted a photo of her son’s wishlist, which included ham and cheeseburgers, something the family couldn’t afford. So Santa, in the form of Reddit users, granted his wish by having them delivered to his house, which the kid happily received.


Santa Doesn’t Just Grant Kids’ Wants; He Fulfills Families’ Needs Too

Truly a Christmas miracle.

This Irish Santa Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

Santa and this kid look like they’re discussing how to be a good boy so he’ll get something from him this Christmas.

Even Santa Has a Funny Bone

We don’t know about you, but we’re still stuck in the Santa phase right now.

Santa Doesn’t Limit Himself to Children

Santa decided to stop by homeless areas to hand out food and clothes, proving that you’re never too old to witness a Christmas miracle.

Even Mom Decided to Join in the Holiday Cheer

Santa got himself another believer.



Check out videos below.

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