15-Year-Old Invents Waterproof and Fireproof Sleeping Bags for Street Dwellers


A fifteen-year-old Irish girl made waves online for inventing amazing sleeping bags for the homeless.

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Emily Duffy, at such a young age, understood what it was like living in the streets of Dublin after she tried to raise money for a charity to help the homeless. One of the things she noticed was the fact that cloth bags and cardboards were not only impractical to use but were also dirty and risky, oftentimes becoming damp or wet depending on the weather conditions.

In other words, it is not a way to live.



With that, she invented Duffily Bags, fireproof and rainproof sleeping bags especially designed for the homeless. Instead of zippers, these bags sport velcro straps to make it easier for the user to get in and out.

Duffy recently showcased her invention at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in Dublin, where it started to attract attention.



A video showcasing her invention was uploaded on YouTube, and user Kathryn Fowlston commented, “Great idea. I think this can help many people and be used in many situations. Good luck with the future endeavors.”

BrotherRog, on the other hand, left a comment on the GoodNewsNetwork saying, “Bravo to this fine young person. This may be a ‘band-aid measure,’ but it’s one that will likely save some lives.”

The Desmond College student is not only helping the homeless by possibly giving away these bags but also took it upon herself to give them a chance to turn their lives around by ensuring that the homeless are given work producing the bags—and getting paid properly at $10 an hour for their work.

Emily Duffy, who is only 15, is proof that you are never too young to change people’s lives around the world.

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