16-Year-Old Makes a Stand For Women …See What She Did About It



We often deem teenagers as immature and sometimes irresponsible people. We disregard them and their capability for doing good. However, some teenagers have proven that they are capable of doing something amazing and totally remarkable. This story is yet another proof that showcases the exceptional spirit of our youth.

Tracie Léost started a run for a cause because she wanted to take action against a major problem facing women in her country

Running more than 71 miles in four days, the 16-year-old from Canada ran from Oak Point, Manitoba to The Forks in Winnipeg, all for a cause, and was able to raise thousands of dollars in the process.

National news quickly picked up on her amazing feat. However, the question everyone is dying to ask is why was she running in the first place?

The main reason Tracie ran was to garner attention and raise awareness for Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women

Aboriginal women are nearly three times as likely to face violence in Canada. However, the dilemma isn’t just limited to the country. Native Americans also face increased rates of violence in the US. Recommendations from the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women says that the Canadian government developed an action plan centered on protecting this vulnerable population and conducted a national inquiry.

Using a 2014 Canadian government report, which states that more than 1,000 aboriginal women have been murdered, Amnesty International calls it a “national human rights crisis.” Gaps in reporting means that the number is actually much higher than what can be accounted for.

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According to critics, protection for aboriginal women hasn’t been made a priority

Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper, was asked whether he planned to commence a national inquiry into these murders and disappearances in a 2014 interview. Check out the full interview here.

His responses weren’t that assuring, especially to those who have lost family members or friends to violence. Harper simply said, “It isn’t high on our radar.”

Tracie wrote on her GoFundMe page, “Stephen Harper won’t step up and make this change, so stand along side me as we fight for justice in place of these women and girls.”

Once the government acts indifferently, that’s when everyday people like Tracie take action

ایمبیڈڈ تصویر کا مستقل لنک



The Families First Foundation, which extends aid to the families of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls and raises awareness as well, was the beneficiary foundation that Tracie ran for.

Regular folks can make a change even when a government won’t take action. This was proven by Tracie’s run, which also shed some light on this very serious issue.

ایمبیڈڈ تصویر کا مستقل لنک

To know more about Tracie’s 71-mile journey, watch this video from CBC:

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