Rapper 2 Chainz Donates 5-Bedroom House to a Struggling Family of 11

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American rapper 2 Chainz donates a house to a large family of eleven.

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The iconic rapper  posted a video in his YouTube page where he introduces a family into the new house he donated to them.


The father of the nine children is unable to provide for the family because of health issues. They were living in small two-bedroom house, which had a lot of molds and pests. The family got evicted but were taken in by the local church.

The Atlanta Progression Church helped the family by setting a GoFundMe page. The family’s story reached out to more people and eventually got to 2 Chainz.


Although the holiday spirit seems to be over, 2 Chainz still wants to do acts of kindness for people who are in need of help.

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This family aren’t the only ones 2 Chainz helped. He also purchased and gave a mini van to another family and even supported a handicapped veteran by paying her rent for a year. The money is from the proceeds of his Dabbin Santa Christmas sweaters.

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