22 Powerful Photos That Prove Love Knows No Boundaries


They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. While some of them give people reasons to be upset, others give joy.

Today, there are lots of photos making rounds on the Internet that depict the best and the worst parts of humans and other events in the world. So, hopefully, the photos below will remind you that the world can be a better place, if only we know how to love and show compassion to our fellowmen.

1. A South Korean man saying goodbye to his North Korean brother, after the government allowed a temporary reunion.

2. A woman saying farewell to her beloved pet.

3. A boy in Syria embracing his sister after a horrific incident.

4. A group of window washers dressing up like superheroes to bring happiness to sick children at a hospital.

5. A woman helping her mother see the ocean in Cape Town, South Africa.



6. The emotional reunion of two partners at the Marine base in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

7. The newled wed couple in Manila, who didn’t let the heavy rains and flood, stop their special day.

8. Two Maoris greeting one another by pressing their noses together affectionately.

9. The touching reunion of a woman and her dog after a flood in Argentina.

10. The son of the late John F. Kennedy, saluting his father’s coffin at the funeral.



11. The emotional performance of a violin student at the funeral of his mentor.

12. Mother and daughter holding hands at the border in Nogales, Arizona.

13. Soldier Chad Flemming seeing his daughter for the first time, after his deployment.

14. A couple embracing at the night of their wedding in North Carolina.

15.A gay couple kissing in a photobooth in 1953.



16. Father and son holding hands in the same place, but at different times in their lives.

17. A mother and daughter lovingly embracing, after the attack of the father.

18. A group of Christians holding hands together to protect the Muslims praying in Cairo.

19. A couple legally married after 72 years of being together.

20. An elderly couple that has been playing the piano together for 72 years.



21. Biracial babies sleeping peacefully together.

22. The first same-sex couple getting married in Manhattan City.




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