8-Year-Old Abuse Survivor Sends a Heartwarming Letter to Her Rescuers

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An eight-year-old abuse survivor who was rescued by social workers after she landed in the hospital seven years ago wrote a heartwarming letter to her heroes for giving her a second chance of life.

Marie Surprenant from Atlanta, Georgia, was only eight months when she was brought to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and was diagnosed with fourteen fractures, broken spinal cord, and several bruises. Her biological parents were arrested while Marie was later adopted by Michele Surprenant who is also a social worker.

Marie wanted to be an orthopaedic surgeon someday. Now in the fourth grade in a private school in the city, she can still vividly recall her pains when she was months old, and she always tells her story about how she was saved and was given with a loving family.

In her letter, she noted that if the social workers and the investigators did not help her, she might have ended up being awful and lonely. She concluded her message with the hope that her heroes would continue doing what they do to make the world a better place and to make the kids feel protected.

Read her inspiring letter below.


 Watch the video interview of Marie Surprenant below.

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