9-Year-Old Girl Makes Mobile Shelters for the Homeless

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Hailey Fort may just be nine years old, but she has contributed more than her fair share to the needy and the homeless than the average person. In her spare time, this young girl builds mobile shelters as well as grow food for the homeless. She provides them with toiletries, as well.

This all started when Hailey was five years old. Then, she asked her mom, Miranda, if she could help a homeless man she noticed at their hometown in Bremerton, Washington. Her mother gave her permission to do so, and they are both now working hand in hand to help those in need. And, the man she initially helped, who is named Edward, has become a friend to Hailey and the rest of her family.

In an interview with King 5 News, Hailey said she is making these shelters, so the homeless “don’t get rained on and feel safe and stay dry”.

“It just doesn’t seem right that there are homeless people. I think everyone should have a place to live.”

This year, Hailey’s objective is to make 12 shelters, grow 113 kilograms of food, and provide thousands of toiletries and other hygienic items.

You, too, can take part in Hailey’s work to help the needy and the homeless by purchasing items on her Amazon ‘wedding registry’ or by donating what you can to her GoFundMe campaign.

When Hailey was just five years old, she asked her mother if she could buy a homeless man a sandwich.

Since that time, Hailey has been making mobile shelters, so the homeless could stay dry and feel safe.


“It just doesn’t seem right that there are homeless people. I think everyone should have a place to live.”

Because she earns discounts for what she is doing, each mobile shelter Hailey makes only costs an estimated $300.



Although, the 9-year-old girl’s parents guide and help her, she is doing a greater part of the shelters’ construction herself.

The 8×4-feet shelters have windows and roofs. They also come with insulation from recycled denim, pallets, and wheels, so its owners can move their shelters wherever they go.

This year, she plans to grow 113 kilograms of food for the needy and the homeless in her own tiny garden.

Hailey has a ‘wedding registry’ on Amazon as well as a GoFundMe campaign, where you can either purchase items or donate to, respectively, so you can help in her cause.



The clip below will let you witness her amazing campaign for yourself:


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