Giving out the slippers for the poor girl

A Man’s Selfless Act, Giving His Shoes to a Homeless Girl


Man Act of Kindness

This man was caught on camera, giving his shoes to a homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro. This is, but one selfless act from a man, who decided to go without, so a girl can have something to protect her feet from the heat of the pavement she was walking on.



However, if each of us would go out of our way to show one random act of kindness every day for a year, then we would become part of a chain of change that will touch 365 lives or more. If we will just do this, then we could create a revolution where one act of generosity will ripple towards becoming millions, until we can all be able to restore everyone’s faith on humanity and show that in this world filled with hate and greed, we have hearts, after all.

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