This Baby was Struck by a Bullet While in the Womb …What Happen Next Will Amaze You

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When a bullet hits a baby in the womb, do you think she’ll survive? Whether you believe it or not, this was exactly the case of baby Suraiya.

About a month ago, Najima, who was eight months pregnant with baby Suraiya, was shot in the abdomen. She unintentionally stepped in the line of fire when one militant political group planned an attack on another faction in Magura, Bangladesh.

The expecting mother was then rushed to the hospital. Her baby was born after a three-hour emergency operation and surgery. Little Suraiya was immediately moved into the intensive care unit, where she stayed for about a month.

Apparently, the bullet had hit the right shoulder of the poor baby and damaged her right eye. Despite everything that happened, there were no signs of any permanent damage to the child.

As the mother and daughter showed progress in their overall health, they have been united again at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. The amazing moment was witnessed by members of the family and some medical staff.

During a clash between two militant factions, Najima from Dhaka, Bangladesh was hit by a bullet in the womb. Fortunately, there were no signs of permanent damage to her then 8-month-old baby – Suraiya.

The bullet hit Suraiya’s right shoulder and eye. So, she was born prematurely.

After a month of recovery, the medical staff carried baby Suraiya to Najima for them to finally meet.

Within three hours of operation, the doctors battled to save the life of both mother and baby.



As she had the chance to finally hold her daughter, Najima showed pure joy.


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