Best Boss Ever Calls Off Fancy Party with Suppliers to Take Her Employees on a Holiday Trip


An employee’s loyalty to his employer will always depend on how the boss treats him. Thing is, you can never expect to have a good boss all the time. Well, lucky for these 32 staff members at a private company, because they got the chance to work with probably the most awesome boss ever.

Founder of the The Group Company, Helen Bilton, loved her employees so much that she surprised them with something they never expected on the company’s tenth anniversary.

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Bilton decided to take all the 32 employees to the beautiful island of Barbados and treated them to a three-night holiday trip, complete with five-star hotel accommodation—all expenses are shouldered by the company.


The generous boss previously told her employees that the team will go to the Flamingo Park a year before. Little did they know, Helen just said it to cover her real plan of going to Barbados.

She thought of celebrating their anniversary with their customers and suppliers, but she realized that her staff, who exerted a lot of everyday effort just to keep her business working, deserve a grand treat better.


Bilton said, “I decided around six months ago to go to Barbados. We have a monthly staff meeting, and a few months ago I asked for ideas. Someone suggested hiring out Flamingo Land, so I pretended that’s what we were going to do. At the next meeting I told them Flamingo Land was closed that day, so we’re going to Barbados instead. They couldn’t believe it. I think they thought I was joking.”

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And so, all the 32 staff members of the travel company basked in the white sand beach instead!

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