British Student in Serious Condition Needs Your Help

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A plea on Facebook has been circulating around the Web, asking for people to help save a British student who met an unfortunate accident in Thailand.

The expatriate girl’s name is Lucy Hill, and she is now in desperate need of blood after she met an accident with her moped in Bangkok. The 21-year-old was left suffering from a brain hemorrhage and a broken pelvis after her moped collided with a car.

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Hill’s family and friends are now asking for people with type A- blood to help the young woman. They are asking foreigners who happen to be in Thailand or anyone who has a relative in the country to hear their plea. Considering that only 1 percent of the whole population of Thailand has the same blood type, the family became more desperate.

Lucy Hill’s father, Eli, confirmed that many people were lining up outside the Maharaja Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital the morning right after the plea was spread online. On that same day, six units of blood were donated.

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