California Cop Hailed Hero by the Internet …See What He Did to Help this Woman


Have you ever received emotional support from an unexpected stranger? Well, this woman from California just did.

California’s Visalia Police Department uploaded a photo on Facebook that showed one of its officers extending help to someone in need. In the photo, the officer was seen holding a woman’s hand while going to the hospital.

The woman reportedly felt nervous about admitting herself into the hospital for treatment, so she wanted someone to give herself an extra push.




Upon knowing how the woman felt, the cop took her by the hand to somehow ease her nerves. Apparently, what he did was effective.

Although it was just a random act of kindness, what the police officer did bring warmth to the hearts of many viewers. Since it was shared on social media, the cop has been receiving appreciation from netizens.



There was a Facebook user who said, “Sometimes, all we need is for someone to take our hand and show that they care. This is precious and moving.”

Another one said, “We gotta share and support the a+ officers make being compassionate the standard.”


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