Captured Conversation Between Father and Son About the Paris Attacks …Wow

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Here is a ray of hope from the darkness that shrouds Paris after the city suffered from a series of deadly terror attacks.





A reporter from Le Petit Journal, a local French broadcasting company, interviewed a young boy and his father. In the bittersweet video, the cute little boy expressed his concern with the growing threat against the country. He asked his father if they could move elsewhere, but his father told him that no harm would fall upon him.


“But there are bad guys, daddy,” the boys says in French. His father tells him in return that there are bad guys everywhere.

They were interviewed during a memorial for the victims of the shooting in Bataclan Theater, where most of the killings presided. His father explained that the flowers were there to counter the guns and the candles were lit to remind us of the people who lost their lives.




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When asked again by the reporter if he felt better after hearing what his father had to say, the toddler replied, “Yes, I feel better.”

Such a beautiful video to remind us that the innocence of a child can instill a loving peace in our hearts.



Watch this video below.


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