Cashier with Down Syndrome Helps Mom of Child with Special Needs Like Her


When Suzie Skougard took her daughter Carly with her to the grocery store, she did not expect to encounter three rude strangers who thought it was okay to talk to her about her own daughter. One of them demanded to know why Carly did not have shoes on since it was a cold day. Well, Carly had kicked them off, as babies often do.

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Then she met the store clerk who was not helpful when Suzie needed to find a certain item. Finally, there was the customer who shoved her out of the way. During the trip, Carly began to get fussy because it was past her nap time. It sounded like another one tough day in the life of any parent.

Then something amazing happened. Just when Suzie was almost too overwhelmed with the day’s events, a cashier took some time to do something nice for her.

The wonderful moment was captured by Suzie.

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Even when she was pregnant, Suzie would choose one particular checkout lane. She always chose this particular cashier because she “wanted to know what Down syndrome would mean for my daughter as she got older. What would her life be like? Would she be anything like this woman?”


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When they were doing their errands, she told Suzie, “I have Down syndrome like her, and I have a big heart.” She also taught Carly how to say I love you using sign language.


After going through a lot that day, the cashier really lifted up Suzie’s mood. Perhaps the reason those strangers were rude to her was their prejudice against her daughter who has Down syndrome. Suzie says, “Some people feel like people with Down syndrome don’t contribute anything meaningful to society, but amidst all the Grinches today, she stood apart. And just being her, she gave us an amazing gift. A smile.”

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