Childhood Friend Helps a Single Mother with Cancer


Friends come and go. But, true friends are forever. Of such kind is woman named Elaine Schwartz to her friends, especially to Samantha Mietla.

Elaine and Samantha have known each other since they were small, but neither of them could have never imagined how the bond of their friendship will last for a lifetime.

Samantha, 42, is a single mother of five who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of uterine cancer.

I call this ‘the reluctant journey,’” she said tearfully. “I mean, it is a journey. I have no choice but to fight to the end.

Upon learning of Samantha’s condition, Elaine stepped in to lessen the strain Samantha was going through, so she could focus on healing. She refused to let her friend carry the weight of her sickness alone.

She set up a donation page for Samantha’s treatment, which includes a combination of chemotherapy and alternative treatment courses. In time, Elaine was able to raise $11,000. Alternative healers have donated their services free of charge, too. Elaine also helps Samantha with her household chores so she could completely focus on her healing.

Elaine’s efforts had not been in vain because Samantha has reported to have improved. Even her doctors have noticed the positive difference in her health.

Because of a friend who has never failed to look back to her childhood, Samantha is now on her way to full recovery.

Watch the inspiring story of friendship below:


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