Christmas Came Early for School Kids in Detroit …See What a Law Firm Did to Make This Happen



Some students in Detroit, Michigan attend class geared with only used or secondhand school supplies. However, they never saw it as a hindrance from concentrating on their studies. But a lawyer decided to bring about change in the lives of every elementary public school student in the city.

In order to buy 23,000 backpacks filled with new erasers, folders, pencils, notebooks, markers, and other educational items for each student, the Mike Morse Law Firm invested a total of $250,000. And as expected, the new gifts brought excitement and smiles to the faces of children in 65 different schools in Detroit.

In a video that featured the firm’s effort, Mike Morse explained, “I think it teaches them that there are people out there in the community that care about them. They want them to succeed, they want them to win at life.”

Shortly after the video was filmed, filmmaker Sean O’Grady spoke with a family who recently moved to Detroit because of some difficult circumstances. They couldn’t afford to get their twin fifth graders any new school supplies or uniforms.

Sean told the Good News Network, “As a result of the donation, they now have all the supplies they need to start the year. The entire family of five was incredibly grateful, and it was really moving.



“They heard nothing but bad things about Detroit before moving here, but this helped them realize that there are generous people everywhere.”

Currently, the Mike Morse Law firm is making preparations for next year’s project. They are trying to raise more money from public donations so that every student in Michigan will have a great start at school.


Watch the inspiring video below:


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