Dad and Daughter Celebrate Birthdays by Doing 39 Random Acts of Kindness


Birthday celebrations are essential part of our lives. Whenever this day comes, we choose to spend it with our family and friends. But for this dad and his daughter, they chose to celebrate their special day in an unlikely way.

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Instead of spending the day eating cakes and popping balloons, Lee Beck and his daughter, Amélie, decided to do random acts of kindness. The father and daughter did different selfless acts 39 times.


The duo chose the number 39 because it was their aggregated age, Lee being 32 and his daughter is 7. Amélie loves nature, gymnastics, and reading. Her father, Lee, works at Oxford Brookes University.

One of the things they did was picking up trash. They also taped some money on a vending machine so strangers could use them for some chocolates.


They also left a couple of pennies next to a wishing well for people to use,  which was Amélie’s favorite act.


According to Lee Beck, they watched people from afar and saw how the small act brightened the day of everyone who stopped by and made a wish.

Lee, on the other hand, said that donating a plant to a hospital center for their garden was his favorite.


Lee says, “It was a pleasure to go over there and meet some of the staff. They looked after my grandma, and to be honest, I didn’t really know much about them until we started the challenge.”

They did a lot of other things too. Like the father Beck signing up to be an organ donor, donating books to the library, helping to build a bee wall in a local nature preserve, putting toy dinosaurs and marbles in the park, delivering chocolates and cards to the fire and police departments, and a lot more.


Lee hopes that their acts of kindness would leave a positive impact to the people who saw or received it. He added that they will continue to spread the spirit of giving, but instead of talking about it, they would just keep it to themselves so it would be more magical.

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