Dan’s Coffee Runs …The Quintessential Act of Kindness For Chemo Patients


Grabbing a coffee from Starbucks is just part of many Americans’ morning routine. But for Dan Dewey, it’s part of his mission of kindness. Every Thursday, at 10:30 a.m., Dan goes into his local Starbucks and orders 12 to 24 drinks, but those drinks are not all for him. He brings these to patients receiving chemotherapy at the Michigan Cancer Institute.

Dan is not affiliated with Starbucks or the hospital. Neither does he have a relative receiving care in the hospital. He spends his own money to buy coffee for strangers.

Dan’s coffee handouts began when he brought a cup of coffee to his father, who was once a patient at the Michigan Cancer Institute. One afternoon, he decided to buy everyone who was receiving treatment a Starbucks drink. Dan’s father has passed on, but before he died, he asked Dan to keep the tradition alive.

For more than three years, every Thursday, Dan Dewey gives the patients at the hospital a drink of their choice.

dan1 dan2

Dan comes back from Starbucks with full trays, ready to distribute the drinks.

dan8 dan5



He writes all their orders before he goes to the local Starbucks.


Each patient is different, and so are their coffee orders, so he makes sure he gets each order right.


Each week he spends anywhere between $40 and $75 dollars.


Valerie is a Starbucks worker who fills Dan’s orders. She says of her experience working with Dan,

I look forward to filling his order on Thursdays and seeing his smiling face. After three years of people asking about why this man buys so many drinks, me telling them the story and them asking how they can donate, I came up with an idea. I would get a custom Starbucks card, with ‘Dan’s Coffee Run’ on it for anyone who would like to donate money that will go directly to purchasing drinks for the patients of MCI.”

Dan doesn’t let the snow or his bad knee stop his coffee runs.


Dan has kept this tradition alive for his father.


Dan’s generosity is enough to restore your faith in humanity.



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