Doctors Surprise This Cancer Patient With A Spontaneous Flash Mob and it is Amazing

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After 12-year-old Sophia Petikas completed her advanced proton therapy treatment, the medical staff decided to give her a memorable send-off celebration.

During the last day of her cancer radiation treatment, Sophia received quite a send-off. This was made possible through the efforts of all the kind medical staff of the hospital, who decided for themselves to celebrate the child’s milestone with an epic flash mob.

While Sophia was treated with advanced proton radiation for the tumors on her spinal cord, she asked the medical staff to learn her favorite dance – Nae Nae. And surprisingly, they didn’t disappoint her.

Julia Petikas, Sophia’s mother said, “They had practiced on their own time. Daniel led them in a practice and he learned the moves on YouTube”.

In Sophia’s honor, everyone who participated in the dance wore Chuck Taylors. When they began showing off their dancing skills, the child decided to join.

It was a few years ago when Sophia was diagnosed with scoliosis. But as time passed, her pain got worse. When they had it scanned through an MRI, they found out she had a large tumor growing on her spinal cord.

Shortly after the diagnosis, the young lady underwent a major surgery. Unfortunately, it returned to her spinal cord a year after. Though X-Ray radiation is the typical treatment for kids battling with cancer, the physicians decided to cure the girl with proton therapy because it doesn’t really expose the chest, esophagus, and lungs to too much radiation.

Sophia started her treatment at the WK Proton Therapy Center in Louisiana. She was the first ever pediatric patient at the hospital to use ProteusONE – the first compact pencil-beam scanning proton therapy system introduced in 2014.

Watch the epic video of the flash mob send-off here:


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