Dog with Inoperable Tumor Gets Everlasting Love from Adoptive Family in His Last Days


Montgomery County Animal Shelter is committed to giving stray pets a home that will love and take care of them. The shelter takes in around 20,000 abandoned and homeless pets each year. Among the pets is a dog named Adalard.

Adalard is a boxer breed and was later adopted by the the nonprofit organization Lone Star Boxer Rescue (LSBR). This organization specializes in rescuing, rehabilitating, and giving boxer breeds a new home. Adalard was checked by a vet to assess his tumor and general well-being. The news that followed the medical checkups was tragic.

The boxer’s cranial tumor was deemed inoperable, and he was given only two days to live. Despite the sad news, LSBR still pushed through with officially adopting AdalardLeisha Stinchcombe, the director of the organization, was asked why she still pulled the dog out from the shelter despite his hopeless situation, and her response was simple but heartfelt: “Just to make sure he knows love for a few days.”

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Lori Anderson, a mother of two, was interested in providing hospice care for Adalard and contacted Leisha. However, Leisha didn’t want the dog to be under their care since Lori has two children, Ellie, 5, and Bella, 7. Leisha was concerned with the safety of the two little girls, but Lori remained firm with her decision.

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