Drone Hovers Above San Francisco to Drop Free Burgers for the Homeless


Drones can be used for a lot of things. It can be the perfect tool to capture aerial shots or film videos while flying overhead. It has also been used to deliver items too.

This video from YouTube, entitled “The Whopper Dropper,” shows a drone delivering food to homeless San Franciscans—and it’s all for free.

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The drone distributes Burger King Whoppers to random homeless individuals. The multi-clawed copter made it look like it was a spy mission, but in truth, the whole goal was to give food to those who are in need.


One of the people behind the video, Kristopher Kneen from Drone Lyfe, made it clear that it was not a marketing stunt for Burger King. They just chose the fast-food chain because their popular product, the Whopper, rhymes with the word “dropper.”

Burger King themselves also denied all forms of association with the video. They stated it wasn’t a brand initiative, to which Kneen added that the event was in no way sponsored by the burger store.


Kneen and his crew just wanted to bring a smile and fill the hungry stomachs of those who have nothing. But despite their good intentions, they received negative comments, especially with the choice of food that they gave away. One asked, “Why not drop them a banana or sandwich?” Another wrote, “Delivering heart disease to impoverished Americans one spy drone at a time.”

However, no matter where you look at it, Kneen and his “Whopper Dropper” brightened up the day of those who needed it the most.

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