Dying Wishes Coming True: Teen Leukemia Victim Takes Her Last Dance

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Attending the homecoming dance was what every teenage girl wants — much less dreaming of being crowned as the homecoming queen. However, this dream seemed too impossible to reach for 15-year-old Brett Marie Christian, when she was diagnosed with leukemia.

All she ever wanted was to have one last dance, but she wasn’t in good shape to go their homecoming dance. That is why the sophomores from Palmyra High decided to hold the event early and bring the party to her.

Of course, Brett Marie did a lot of preparation and pampering for the dance. She wore a beautiful pink dress and fixed her hair in curls. She even got a manicure and pedicure.

Her boyfriend, Treyton Carter, even brought her a corsage and a necklace, and they danced in the commons room with at least 50 of their classmates, who were also dressed up for the homecoming.

Treyton grew up very close with Brett Marie, and he never left her side, especially during the battle for cancer.

At the end of the night, Brett Marie was crowned as the homecoming queen. It was the perfect ending for a perfect night.

But sadly, reality struck three days later, when Brett Marie passed away. With her during her last moments was her family.

It really is heartbreaking to witness a young life being robbed of the future ahead of her, but Brett Marie Christian accepted her fate, and in the end, she got the last dance that she deserved.

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