Teacher's Act make ellen degeneres in tears

Ellen DeGeneres in Tears Over This Teacher’s Selfless Act

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Hollywood television personality Ellen DeGeneres is widely known for bringing to the world many of inspiring stories of different types of individuals.

Teacher’s selfless act

The Teacher

However, this one particular teacher from New Mexico sent not just the audience, but also the gracious host into tears. She is Sonya Romero from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Best Teacher

Teachers Act

Selfless Teacher

As a teacher of Lew Wallace Elementary School, Romero has earned the reputation for going out her of own way for her students, majority of whom live in poverty.

Best example of teacher

She narrates to Ellen how she would start the day by asking her students questions like, what they ate for breakfast, or if they need anything to wear.


In addition to that Romero, a mother of two, has also adopted two of her own students, who have been part for their family for six months. During the interview, a small montage featured her students and various faculty members praising her for the inspiration she has given to them.

Teacher's student

Just as the teacher was preoccupied, a stage hand comes up to her holding a gigantic check with an amount of $ 10,000 addressed to Lew Wallace Elementary School.

Best Teacher ever

Selfless Act

Romero’s generosity has shed light on the fact that many teachers around the country have spent countless amount of money out of their own pockets for their classrooms.

Check out Romero’s and Ellen DeGeneres’ interaction below:

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