An Entire Town Learns Sign Language Secretly For a Very Heartwarming Reason …See Why They Did it


For a man with hearing disability, this was no ordinary day.

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Last December 24, 2014, Muharrem and his sister, Olzem, walked around their community in Bagcilar. Though it was just a small district in Istanbul, Muharrem was amazed that everyone they encountered greeted them using sign language.

Slowly, as the events unfolded, Muharrem became very confused about what’s actually happening. Finally, he arrived to a certain location, where a Samsung representative explained what was going on. The representative used language to tell him about the company’s dream, which is to build a world without barriers.

After that, the neighbors who greeted him showed up in tears and hugs him.

In the video, Samsung is promoting their new video call center for the hearing impaired. To make it possible, locals learned sign language. Video cameras were also placed in various places around the city to capture those beautiful moments when Muharrem received warm greetings from random people. And of course, every part of the video is truly genuine.

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