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Faceless Dog Makes Shocking Recovery After Being Found Slowly Eaten Alive by Maggots

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This is the astounding tale of the severely wounded dog who successfully regrew his entire face after he was found being eaten alive by maggots.

Every story of survival is always worth celebrating, but this faceless dog’s ordeal and shocking recovery is one for the books.

Faceless Dog Makes Shocking Recovery After Getting Infested with Fly Larvae

Animal Aid Unlimited is a rescue organization based in Udaipur City, Rajasthan, India. Ever since its foundation in 2002, the group has rescued numerous animals who are left to die in the streets and corners of India.

In 2015, AAU found a canine they later named Kalu at a construction site, hiding in a hole seemingly waiting for his day to leave the earth for good. When they saw him, they discovered that his face had been infested with flesh-eating maggots, destroying a large portion of it.

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Treating a Dog

At first, with the severity of the wound, the rescuers were afraid that euthanasia was how it would have to end. But they decided to give him a chance, another shot at life that would result in a miracle.

They first put a medicated powder on the wound, put the dog under sedation, wrapped a bandage around his face, and let him rest. After three days, Kalu started eating, and on the fifth day, his left eye reappeared.


Weeks later, his hair started to regrow. And three months since his rescue, Kalu has fully recovered.

In the last few minutes of the video, Kalu can be seen running around the center, greeting people, and just living a life that exudes happiness.

Pet Dog

The video of the once faceless dog Kalu’s recovery has since gone viral, having been viewed for over 26 million times. A lot of people praised the group’s advocacy, with many hoping they will be able to save more.

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