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This Is What Happens When Fast-Food Workers Receive Generous Tips


Workers in the fast-food industry are among of the lowest-paid workers in any country, and they seldom receive tips. Because of this, their jobs are considered to be one of the most difficult, not to mention thankless, jobs in the world.

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For this reason, two guys decided to highlight their situation in a social experiment that has since gone viral. Their plan: hand out $100 tips to fast-food employees and capture their reactions in a video.

What Happens When Fast-Food Workers Receive Generous Tips

Jesse Jhaj, one of the guys responsible for the viral video, revealed that he had always wanted to highlight the working conditions of people working in that kind of job, as he had also previously worked in the graveyard shift at minimum wage. It was also his way of paying tribute to the many unrecognized and underappreciated fast-food workers who continue to give their customers the best service possible despite their less-than-favorable working conditions.


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Filmed in Los Angeles, the video is unexpectedly heartwarming. At first, the disbelieving employees refused to take the money. Upon the guys’ insistence, one server became teary-eyed at their generous gesture, while another laughed like he couldn’t believe it. One of the best reactions, however, was from someone who asked for a hug then passed on the generous favor by sharing some of the money with a homeless man.

In the end, Jhaj and his friend gave away a total of $1,000. One surprising detail to their story is that while some of the tips were accepted, more than half were refused. The reason for this could be the common “no tipping” policy among fast-food chains; the servers were worried they would get into trouble if they accepted money from customers.

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All’s well that ends well, though, as Jhaj and his friend have achieved what they set out to do: shine a spotlight on the working conditions of fast-food workers in the country. At present, the video has already amassed more than 6 million views on YouTube.


Watch the video below.