Find Out How the Floating Trash Bin is Cleaning Our Oceans

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You can always do something to help save Mother Earth. You can plant trees or do simple recycling. You can also participate in clean-up drives and conserve energy by turning off those appliances that are not in use. Whatever you do counts, just like what this duo did.

Pete Ceglinski and Andrew Turton created the Seabin. It is a floating garbage bin that is capable of collecting oil, plastic bottles, paper, detergent, and fuel floating in the ocean. Basically, they wanted to build a low maintenance and cheap alternative to trash boats.

“One of the goals is to make the Seabin from our own plastics to create another Seabin to capture more, it’s a domino effect. The second goal is to create a world where we don’t need the Seabin,” explained the two.

The Seabin is actually made in-house, so by mid to late 2016, Pete and Andrew are looking forward to start shipping. But this wouldn’t be possible without the help of others who helped raise funds through Indiegogo. As of the most recent check, they have already collected around $40,000 out of their $230,000 aim.

You too can help Pete and Andrew by donating.

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