Firefighters Pull Over on a Highway to Give Barefoot Homeless Man a Pair of Shoes


Firefighters saw an elderly man walking barefoot near a freeway, so they stopped to give him a pair of shoes.

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The firefighters were driving past as they returned from training when they noticed the homeless man slowly walking on the side of the freeway overpass.


They stopped the truck and David Gilstrap, one of the firefighters, offered the man a pair of tennis shoes. The other crew members helped him with the shoelaces and gave him some water.


The department’s Facebook page said it was “just another great example of the City of Riverside Fire Department helping our members of the community.

The post has been liked over 1,000 times, with many Facebook users commending the firefighters for doing such act of kindness.

Among the supporters were Gabler’s wife who wrote, “So in love with that man of mine …Thankful for his kind heart …Our boys and I are so very blessed.”

Another supporter commented, “This is what our fireman do for others every day and want no reward or thanks… They are just caring and compassionate men and women who make this world a better place.”

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