Former Aircraft Engineer Fulfills Poor Kids’ Dream to Fly—for Only $1


A lot of people dream of seeing the world; however, not everyone can afford to do so. In fact, in some areas, eating three full meals a day is too much to hope for, let alone jetting off to somewhere.

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To solve this, a retired aircraft engineer named Bahadur Chand Gupta noticed that in Haryana, a poor town in India where he grew up, people from his village used to ask him about flying an aircraft, as many of them never experienced being in one before.


So to show his little town what it would be like to be in an airplane, he bought a decommissioned Airbus 300 in 2003 for 6,000,000 rupees, and parked it in the outskirts of New Delhi.




He would give the impoverished a chance to fulfill their dreams of getting on board a plane for only $1 — but with a twist: the airbus could never leave the ground, which is why people call their trip “the flight to nowhere.”

Gupta, who used to work with the Indian Airlines, shared, “Many of my friends in my villages used to ask if I could take them inside an airport so that they can see the aircraft from close quarters as they could not afford to travel in an Airbus. I took my friend inside the airport somehow but the authorities caught me. Then I decided to sell my land so that I can buy an Airbus.”


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