Shaquille O’Neal Surprises Hero Cop Following the Officer’s Viral Act of Kindness


Bobby White is a Gainesville police officer who recently gained quite a fame in the Internet after a video of him playing basketball with some kids became viral. But when Officer White went back for a rematch, he wasn’t expecting this to happen.

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heartwarming video featuring Officer White surfaced on the Internet, which showed him receiving a complaint about the kids in the neighborhood were playing too loudly; but instead of discouraging them to continue what they were doing, he went ahead and shot a couple of hoops with the kids.


More than 14 million people have viewed the clip, but little did the police officer know that former NBA All-Star player Shaquille O’Neal was one of those who saw it.


The four-time champ surprised the police officer by joining him in a game of basketball with the Gainesvill Police Department and a group of young lads. Shaq did this as a way to show his praise for White’s commendable act.

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