Restaurant Owner Puts a Fridge of Leftovers Outside to Help the Homeless


When you go to a restaurant, a fast food, or any business that sells food, you’ll probably see a lot of leftovers being thrown away. Once these foods touch the lid of the trash bin, they’re considered as just another piece of garbage, when in fact, they could’ve saved someone from starving.

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Fortunately, someone is brave enough to change the system by stopping restaurants from wasting any more food.

It all began when Minu Pauline, a restaurant owner in Kochi, India, saw a homeless woman eating from a trash can. Pauline thought of a way to salvage all the leftover from her restaurant, called the Pappdavada, helping the homeless altogether.

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Pauline decided to put a fridge outside her restaurant where rations are stored for all the homeless people to feast on. She provides 75–80 portions of food per day and they also welcome donations from other people and restaurant patrons. The fridge is open 24/7 and anybody can use it.

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According to Pauline, she just wants to deliver a simple message to everyone—”money is yours, but resources belong to society. If you’re wasting your money, you’re wasting society’s resources.”

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