Generous Stranger Puts a Smile on a Family’s Face by Paying for Their Lunch


Every act of kindness counts, no matter how small or big it is, and this family, who was surprised when their bill was paid by a kindhearted stranger, will prove that true.

Caiti and Chris Hannon went to Little Wing Pizzeria after trekking in Colin Glen Forest together with their kids Liam, 7, and Belle, 1.  They asked for the bill but were shocked when they were told it was paid already.

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Caiti insisted that the bill wasn’t paid yet since she wasn’t aware that an anonymous person compensated their bill.

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Caiti and and Chris thought that there might have been a mixup with the payment and asked the waiter to double-check the receipts.


However, the staff checked and told Caiti that all of his tables were already paid. He even showed the receipt and showed the last numbers of the credit card used, which wasn’t her own. The total bill of the family was $57.


Caiti said in an intervieaw, “I can’t believe someone would think of doing it, it was really kind for them to put a smile on somebody’s face.” She wanted to thank whoever did the act of kindness.

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