This 5 Year Old Girl Survived 12 nights in the Siberian Wilderness with Just her Dog for Protection

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A 5-year-old Mowgli girl has survived 12 long nights in the bear-infested Siberian wilderness with only her dog as her protector. As of now, her mother revealed she has already made a remarkable recovery.

After wandering off from her remote home village, Karina was finally found hungry, tired, and filled with mosquito bites, sleeping in a bed of grass. Her story of survival eventually made headlines all across the world.



Talina, her 22-year-old mother, said her daughter remained calm despite the threats of wolves and bears. She was protected and saved by her dog Naida, which followed her into the Siberian forest and kept her warm every night. In order to survive, she drank water from the rivers and ate berries in the wild.

Nine days after the girl was lost, the dog left Karina and found its way back to the village. Because of that, rescuers were inspired to double their efforts and find the brave little girl.

Although she was found alive but weak, she was still able to recover all the weight she has lost after lengthy medical treatment. Her mother said:

“Karina has an incredibly strong character. Even when she was found, she didn’t have much fear in her eyes. Now, she is just like she was before, runs around with other kids, speaks a lot and doesn’t give away that she ever went through such a stressful experience.”



However, the mother requests people not to ask about her experience about those days. She easily gets nervous if people insist.

When asked about her epic survival in the largest region of Russia, Karina refused to speak.

She said, “I don’t want to be photographed, I don’t like it. Why does everybody ask me what I’ve been doing in the taiga on those days?”.

On her behalf, her mother explained, “She was helped by our dog Naida, who slept by her side and helped her not to freeze to death. Karina spent summers in Olom since she was seven months old, perhaps this helped as well”.

“I always believed that she would be found. Many stopped believing that she was alive, but as a mother I felt that she soon would be found. She used the first anniversary to thank rescuers who had not given up with search which was like looking for a ‘needle in a haystack.”

For the news that has been circulating over the Internet, the girl’s mother commented, “I don’t pay attention to it, I don’t have time to follow social networks”.



As to the reason her daughter got lost in the wilderness, Talina said that Karina followed her father without him realizing. Her grandmother, who was taking care of her at that time, thought that her father knew.

Albert Semyonov, a rescuer, revealed that his men had to bring armed guards while searching. This is because the forest surrounding Olom is full of bears.

He said, “Close to the gunners we felt somehow calmer. However, the thought of bears immediately switched to another concern: somewhere in the forest was this helpless child.”

Fortunately, they found the girl. When young Karina saw her dog, all she said was, “Why did you leave me?”.



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