Graduation Held a Month Early to Fulfill Dying Mom’s Last Wish

Graduation Held a Month Early to Fulfill Dying Mom’s Last Wish

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Due to the deteriorating condition of Darlene Sugg, the Glen Burnie High School planned an early graduation for their student Megan Sugg.

Megan, as well as her family, was afraid that her mother might not be able to attend her graduation on June 10, 2014. So, the school made sure that Megan’s mother would see her daughter graduate. They immediately organized a special graduation ceremony for the student.

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According to Steve Sugg, Megan’s father, Darlene’s health deteriorated so fast that they decided to contact the school. Surprisingly, officials rushed to grab some gown and flowers for Megan. They even worked with the family so that Megan could graduate at her home, beside her terminally ill mother.

A Maryland high school made sure a student’s terminally ill mother would see her daughter graduate. Glen Burnie High School arranged a special graduation ceremony for senior Megan Sugg after her family feared she would not be able to attend her daughter’s graduation because of the severity of her illness.

School officials made it so Megan could graduate at her home by the side of her mother Darlene, 47, who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer three years ago.

“I was happy my mom got to see, but at the same time it was hard,” Megan said.

Steve Sugg, Megan’s father, said his wife’s health had started to deteriorate quickly last week and they contacted the school.  School Officials quickly got some flowers and a gown for Megan.

“I was surprised they came out so fast because principals are so busy,” Megan said.

“It was supportive and really nice of them.”

Principal Vickie Plitt, whose mother is also battling with cancer, often spoken with Megan about her mother. She read a speech at the impromptu ceremony about Megan and her future, read a speech about Megan and her future at the impromptu ceremony. She also shared to a newspaper:

“I know how proud her mom is of her and we really wanted to give her family a special time. And to really honor Megan, because as much as she’s had going on, she’s pushed through and is going to graduate high school.”

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