Monday December 7th, 2009. Jorge Munoz is seen here doing what he does most every night shortly after 9:30 and that is feeding the hungry and homeless from the bed of his pick up truck. This scene has repeated itself for the past five years. He drives a school bus by day, and in the early days of the operation his mom and sister spent nearly all day in the kitchen preparing food for what will become free meals that Jorge and other volunteers distribute to the hungry and homeless at the Jackson Ave. 7 train entrance on 73rd and Roosevelt Ave. He began this heart touching journey when he watched food being thrown away one day while he was driving his bus. He was able to convince local business owners to give him food instead of discarding it, and they did as long as they remained anonymous. He estimates that he and his volunteers have distributed over 70k meals since 2004. Jorge was named one of the top ten CNN Hero’s of the Year and was awarded 25k. If he is chosen and the Hero of the year he will receive $100k. The operation has grown to the point that he has started a non-profit called An Angel in Queens. Original Filename: 1.JPG

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