The Hairless Hero

Heartwarming Tale of Iran’s Hairless Hero



Mahan Rahimi was attending Sheikh Shaltoot’s elementary school in Marivan, Iran. He was just a normal Iranian student, except for his bald head caused by a mysterious illness. Due to his condition, he was frequently bullied and isolated from the rest of the class.

When his schoolteacher, Ali Mohammadian, took notice on Rahimi’s class performance which declined rapidly, he decided to shave his own head as a small gesture to show his support to his pupil.

The 45-year-old teacher also uploaded and posted a picture of himself together with the eight-year-old on Facebook with a caption of “Our heads are sensitive to hair”.

Hairless Hero



The photo went viral on the social network, gathering a lot of likes and shares. It even snared the attention of President Hassan Rouhani, who praised Mohammadian and declared him as a national hero. Furthermore, the government has offered financial support for Rahimi’s medical treatment.

Soon enough, the bullying stopped and his class of 23 students insisted that their heads be shaved, too, for solidarity. Mohammadian advised that they should wait for the winter to be over before they shave their heads, but to his surprise, one Saturday morning, the entire class had gone bald.

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