Heroes Come in Different Shapes and Sizes …16 Stories of Amazing Selfless Acts


Real heroes are everywhere, gracing the same streets we walk every day, but without us ever noticing their existence. They might be the person you bumped into along the exit on the train station or might be the young lad nobody thought would add up to much in his life.

They’re just commoners who walked past you and who face everyday difficulties like you and me. But these heroes have a big heart and put others before them without ever asking anything in return. The kind of people who find pleasure in lending a hand.

To pay tribute to those strangers who might have helped one of you, we have gathered different stories of heroism that actually happened. Their is still a sense of humanity in the world.

This little girl and this little act of kindness

This Canadian girl convinced her mom to let her sell her toys to give the profit to an animal shelter. Little kids do have a big heart.

Keshia Thomas rescued a white supremacist

Keshia already knows the art of love and respect at the age of 18. She even risked her own safety for the white supremacist at a Klu-Klux Klan rally. People all over the world took notice of this young girl’s incredible act of bravery.

This officer in Michigan did not mind being sprayed just to help a little skunk pull its head stuck in a yogurt container

Officer Taylor of the Rochester from Michigan Police Department revived the whole neighborhood’s trust in the police force when he saved a little skunk that was trying to pull its head out of a yogurt container.

These fellow Russians joined together to rescue a moose that fell through ice



Residents from Istanbul helped save a tourist’s car from falling into the sea

In Istanbul, these heroes used their weight to keep the balance between the front of the car and its rear, which was hanging on the edge of the hallway. They sat on the hood until a tow truck arrived.

A TSA employee, who’s on his day off, jumps onto tracks to help a woman

Eddie Palacios jumped down onto the tracks without any hesitation when he witnessed a woman fell onto the subway track. He hoped the driver in the fast-approaching train would notice him on his orange apparel. The subway operator luckily saw him and made sure that both Eddie and the woman were all right.

Man saved a boy who fell from an escalator

When this hero noticed a little boy ride up the outside of the escalator at a shopping center in Turkey, he sprang into action in just a split-second and saved the little guy.

The Rock saved two puppies from drowning

While he plays a strong-willed huge man in movies who faces countless villains, Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock is actually another next-door hero in real life. This big-screen action hero made headlines when he rescued puppies from drowning in his swimming pool.

Man saves ribs from burning house, then runs to rescue his family

Hailing from Bay Area, Robert Wright made headlines because of his act of bravery. He first went to the rescue of their meal, a giant rack of barbecue ribs. He was often seen holding it in interviews. After he secured the ribs, he ran to help his family get out of the house.



Sully Sullenberger made sure the passengers were safe as she landed the plane she flew in the Hudson River

Pilot Sullenberger was piloting an airbus when he noticed the engines went dead just after take-off from LaGuardia. Seeing no point of return, he realized their only chance for survival was to splash-land in the Hudson River. However, he stayed calm and told the passengers to make use of the safety gears so they could land safely. All crews and passengers survived. It was reported that Sully was the last person to depart the plane.

A group of locals lend multiple hands to lift burning car away from a pinned motorcyclist

This amazing snapshot shows people working together to save a live man stuck under a burning car. There’s no telling if the motorcyclist survived the accident, though. This selfless act restored people’s faith in humanity.

Tom Artiaga rescues an old man from a burning house

This delivery driver was hailed a hero after he saved an old man from an exploding house. Being humble, Tom tried hiding to escape from news agencies who were tracking him down.



Kerry Ware and father George Heheman saved a dolphin from being stranded

This 300-pound dolphin was stuck in a sandbar, so Kerry and her father pulled her back to open waters.

This runner lost but still won

Adam Warwick saved a drowning tranquilized bear

This 400-pound male bear was wandering around Florida when it was targeted with a tranquilizer. The bear made its way to the ocean in order to avoid authorities. While most were too afraid to get near the bear, Adam Warwick, a biologist from the Wildlife Commission, went after the dazed bear and pulled it to safety.

Boy is saved from vicious dog by their family cat

Cat’s love for this boy was bigger than the dog that attacked him and saved the owner’s son.



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