Homeless Child in Philippines Studying in Street Has Gone Viral

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Joyce Torrefranca, a student in the Philippines, was walking down a street when she spotted a child studying in the street, so she decided to take a snapshot and uploaded it in Facebook. Little did she know that she was going to change the boy’s life forever.

On June 23, when Torrefranca posted this photo of a boy kneeling on the sidewalk near a McDonald’s branch while reading and writing on a wooden bench, it went viral worldwide, gathering thousands of likes, comments, and shares.

The boy was later identified as Daniel Cabrera who is currently in his third grade. The reason that he is studying outside the restaurant is because his mom, Christina Espinosa, and his sibling are both working at McDonald’s, and they have nowhere to stay since their home was ravaged in a fire. As a result, the family is temporary living in the restaurant.

Espinosa, meanwhile, was reported to have difficulty in making the ends meet, as she only makes 80 Philippine pesos a day, equal to about $1.77.

Daniel and his mother were invited and featured on a local radio station after the photo went viral.

Daniel dreams that one day, he would become a police officer, just like his late father.
As Daniel's story spread across the web, donations began to pour in for his family.





This captured millions of hearts across the globe who are willing to help in relieving the family’s situation.

A local politician, Rep. Samuel Pagdilao, has granted Daniel a scholarship, while Espinosa has received donations from sponsors to start her own business, along with money and food from local law enforcement.

It is pretty amazing how one photo can be a crossroad to one’s fate as it captured the essence of altruism within the hearts of many. And to Daniel, we hope that his eagerness to study would never fade away. He is truly an inspiration to many people all over the world, especially to the children, that education can never be hindered by any circumstance.

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