This Homeless Couple Had Their Dream Wedding For Free- See How They Did it



Although Lynette and Steve Hudson are both homeless, they were able to celebrate their ideal wedding without having to pay even a cent.

Steve and Lynette Hudson recently had a traditional wedding, thanks to the owner of America’s First Homeless Resort in Haines City.





Their special day was celebrated like any other traditional wedding that featured a reception filled with guests and decorations. There was also a buffet table, where lobster and filet mignon were served. And of course, their celebration would not have been complete without the wedding cake.


The couple was very happy that they were able to celebrate their love the way a normal couple does. While wearing a puffy wedding gown, the lovely bride said, “It was a fairy tale. It was beautiful”.

The event was made possible through the efforts of Sean Cononie, a homeless advocate who established America’s first ever Homeless Resort. He was also the one who shouldered the expenses for the honeymoon using his personal money. For the celebration, the organization spent $3,500.

When asked about the funds, Cononie answered, “It comes from our money, the money that we make selling our newspaper, or by the transition fees, people pay for the hotel, or in this case, I’m giving $500 towards it as a donation”.

Surprisingly, the Hudson couple isn’t the only pair who has experienced a free wedding celebration. Cononie has already done this to three-dozen other pairs. He just explained, “Every girl deserves a fine wedding”.


Watch the video of the touching celebration below:



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