100 Homeless People Were Given Cameras and Took These Breathtaking Photos

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While most photo series aim to show what nature has in store for humans or share what a certain place has to offer to its tourists, this collection has a totally different goal—to give us a glimpse of the life of a homeless man in London.

In July 2015, Cafe Art, a registered Community Interest Company (CIC), selected 100 homeless men in London and gave each of them a disposable camera. And before these Londoners set off to capture what they believed would best express their thoughts, the group also gave them photography training with the help of Royal Photographic Society.

The project is part of the organization’s long-term goal to give the homeless an arena to express themselves through photography and art.

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The homeless made the 27 shots they were allowed to take worth it

The men were given a theme: “My London,” and they were told that their photos should center around that topic. A total of 2,500 photos were processed that day. Twenty of the thousands of photographs were chosen to be featured in an upcoming calendar.

Chosen cover photo for the 2016 calendar

Cafe Art will be selling these calendars to cover the cost of the project (printing, art supplies, the photography classes, and fee for the photos). They first put up these calendars in 2012, and since then, they have raised almost $70,000.

XO: Telephone Row, Lincoln’s Inn

Ellen Rostant: Nature’s Tunnel or Light and the End, Stratford

Ioanna Zagkana: Past & Present, City of London

Cecie: Tower Bridge Picnic, Southwark

Zin: West End Bird, Westminster

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