Homeless Man Wins Lottery, But Can’t Claim Prize …See What Happens Next


Everybody wants to win the lottery, but not all of us can choose that life altering lucky number. Sometime, even if you are fortunate enough to have a winning ticket, some things happen, making simple matters more complicated. Well, it may sound like a plot from a Hollywood film, but it really did happen. Here is a story of a homeless man who can’t claim his prize because he does not have a valid identification.

July last year, homeless man Steve Borik won $25,000 after spending $8 for a ticket, which he used to play a game he said he had never tried before. It was truly life-changing for him. Sad to say, he couldn’t claim his prize because he didn’t have a photo ID.

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He recalled, “Lotto BC won’t cash my ticket because I don’t have photo ID.”

Borik didn’t have proper identification for several years already because he lost it. He said he never needed it until now.

The 57-year-old has had a difficult time getting a photo identification because he didn’t have a birth certificate from his birth town, Montreal, Quebec. Also, he couldn’t acquire a birth certificate since he couldn’t show a valid photo identification.

Because of his dilemma, Borik imagined himself spending Christmas out in the cold.

“I would love to be inside for Christmas. That was my plan in July, when I won the money,” said Borik. “If I’d got my ticket cashed today, I’d give a thousand dollars to the Gospel Mission to help other homeless people.”

Considering the five months wasted by Borik trying to get an identification card after winning, CBC got involved.

CBC News called various provincial and federal ministries to help Borik find the right office who could assist homeless individuals like him. A staff from the provincial government claimed that she knew how to get a birth certificate in Quebec because she had already done it for other homeless individuals before.

Borik immediately filled out all the information he can provide. He also signed several  papers. After that, all documents were sent to Vancouver.

It will take three weeks for the birth certificate to arrive. Once Borik has it, he can get a photo identification, which he can use to collect his winnings at the BC Lottery Corporation office.

By the time he gets the money, Borik said he will find a new home. He also said his life will have a fresh start and have enough courage to reach out to his family.

Because of depression and some medical issues and after his marriage fell apart, Borik struggled so much to survive. Despite that, he had always sought ways to survive each day, prior to winning the lottery. He found temporary day-to-day jobs by visiting labor agencies. “I’ve never been on welfare. I will not go on welfare. I just take care of myself,” added Borik.

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