Homeless Man Was Told He ‘Won’ the Lottery …What He Did Next Is Heart-Melting


Rahat Hossain, or better known as Magic of Rahat, is a YouTube prankster whose popular videos mostly consist of  drive-thru pranks. The most entertaining part of his schemes is when the unsuspecting victims are petrified with fear.

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However, on March 4, 2014, Rahat didn’t upload another prank video. Instead, it was a clip that showed a kind and heartfelt gesture.

Here’s what happened.

Rahat handed $1,000 to a store clerk and requested her to give the money to a homeless man. Also, the clerk must act like the homeless man just won a lottery ticket.

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If you thought the video couldn’t get more emotional, wait till you get to the next part.

Instead of buying himself a set of clothes or a pair of new kicks, the homeless man chose to share his winnings to his dear friend—an act of selflessness that will inspire even the coldest of hearts to be generous too.

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