Netizens Unite to Help Homeless Man Who Returned Engagement Ring That Slipped into His Cup


Homeless man received $190,000 after returning an expensive engagement ring to its owner.

Billy Ray Harris was often found under a bridge in Kansas City, Missouri, begging for spare change. Sarah Darling was passing the area and trickled a few coins in his cup. Little did Sarah know that her diamond ring was included with the change she gave.

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At the end of the day, Harris was surprised when he found a ring with the money he earned that day. Harris got the diamond ring appraised and found out he could sell it for $4,000, but instead, he just kept it and waited for the owner to claim it.

Sarah, on the other hand, was already panicking and stressed after finding out her engagement ring was missing. So she went back to the same area the next day where he saw Harris, but he wasn’t there. Sarah tried again the next day and finally saw him.

She asked Harris if he still remembered her and inquired if he received something out of the ordinary. Harris responded truthfully and gave her the ring.

Sarah didn’t want to just leave such a kind man still miserable with his life, so she set up a page in, describing how honest Billy was and that he needed help. Donations poured from all over the world, and Billy’s truthful deed became known.

Bill Krejci, Sara’s husband, went to Billy to tell him of the growing donations and to become more acquainted with him.

Sarah and Krejci has a one-year-old daughter, and they can’t wait to tell her about Billy’s story when she grows up.

Harris has already bought a new car and even a house with the money he received. He also met up with a lawyer to help him set up a trust fund for his money.

Aside from fame and fortune, Billy also found his family who thought he was dead for 16 years. He had a lot of catching up to do, especially his nephews and nieces whom he didn’t know even existed.

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