Inspiration Video About Love has Gone Viral


People say love is not love if it’s for the wrong person, felt at the wrong time, and shown in the wrong way. But what does it really take for someone’s actions to be called love? Why do people put standard on it? When you feel something and know for yourself that it’s real, it’s never wrong. Love has no limitations. Love just is.

It’s not wrong to fall in love. Even if people judge you for loving a certain person, why does it matter? If you’re still not courageous enough to beat the odds for your loved ones, this video might just change your mind.

Gaining over 52 million views, this video entitled “Diversity & Inclusion—Love Has No Labels” tells us that love is always real, no matter who the people involved are and where they are from.


After the landmark decision of the US Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage in all fifty states of United States, the LGBTs have rejoiced and won the quest for equality. This video has its own way of proving the same. Kissing behind the screen with only their skeletons visible to the people, this couple seemed to be just the ordinary. When they came out, they are actually both women.


This family is composed with all guys, but they say, “Our family is no less than any other family.”





This interracial couple proves that love has no race.



While we fear to get near them because we don’t know how to act around them, these siblings prove that love actually has no disabilities. The more so we should shower these people with all the care they need.


“Age doesn’t matter,” this couple says.




Wars are born out of differing opinions brought by different beliefs, but these friendships show that love does not have religion.


It doesn’t matter where you came from, how you were born, how you appear, or how old you are because love the heart does not care. If it beats for someone, listen to it, because it was never wrong.

Watch the full video below.

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