Inspiring: Senior with Down Syndrome Sinks Winning Shot


18 Year Old Senior

Pelham High School student Bryan Doherty, an 18-year-old senior, has every bit of reason to celebrate their basketball team’s biggest night.

Bryan Doherty Sink the Winning Shot


Being an avid supporter of the Pelham High’s basketball team, Doherty has served as its manager. On the night of their biggest game, during Friday on Senior Night, Bryan was finally given the chance to play for the team.

With the Team

The Pelham Pythons were an unstoppable force during that Friday night’s game and the coach told Bryan to suit up for the game’s last quarter.

And, Bryan scored the game’s winning basket on his first shot. The ecstatic 18-year-old recalls of that pivotal moment:

“One of my teammates threw the ball towards me and I shot it. It went right in towards the basket. It sounded like everyone was cheering my name. Everyone was going crazy,”

Bryan has Down Syndrome. However, his condition did not stop his team mates from making him feel like one of them.

“The camaraderie that these boys all have together with themselves, with Bryan, with each other, it’s an amazing thing. They do things together outside of practice,”

Christine Doherty, Bryan’s mother describes the amazing team work that the basketball team has manifested even outside the game.

The Pelham Pythons suffered only one loss throughout the season and due to the big win, are now cruising their way to the playoffs.

“It couldn’t have come together any better. It really was a storybook ending,” Bryan’s father says.

The final basket totaled in a 70-30 win over Prospect Mountain High School. However, many agreed that the highlight of the game was not the scoreboard.

Caroline, Bryan’s sister described how the audiences’ attention was on Bryan’s winning shot:

 “The stands roared. It was so loud. Everybody was cheering. People on the other team were cheering,” 

The Pelham, New Hampshire community is currently ramping up the social media scene to try and bring Bryan’s moment on the Sports Center on ESPN. Should this become successful, the exposure will certainly add to Bryan’s unforgettable moment.



Check out Bryan Doherty’s last game below:


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