Rescue of woman and her children caught on tape

Intense Rescue of a Woman and Her Children Caught on Tape



An unlucky stroke of event struck a young woman and her two children in a rafting incident.

The three were enjoying a day of rafting in Lehigh River when their vessel was punctured and deflated. They ended up getting stuck in the rocky parts under the Chestnut Street Bridge in Coplay.

It took hours for them to get spotted when a fisherman, who is sailing on the eastern shore line, heard the mother’s cries for help.

The Coplay Fire #5 and Cetronia EMS arrived at around 5:45 in the afternoon after being notified about the accident. A dive team was also dispatched on the scene along with some marine units from Whitehall and Northampton.

The woman was tied into a rope while she hung onto her children. As they were being pulled to safety, a paramedic went out into the water and reached out for the lady, while a Whitehall diver grabbed the two kids.

Intense Moment





Fortunately, the rescue was a success with the trio acquiring no injuries.


Successful Rescue


Watch the dramatic rescue caught on camera below:

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